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The Academy Program is our flagship training program in which your canine companion would attend "dayschool" with us 3 to 5 days per week for a 5 week semester! The Academy Program is great for puppies, "teenagers" and adult dogs that could use a nice refresher!

What's Covered?

Ages 9 weeks +

In The Academy Program, we cover a variety of skill sets including:
- Crate & Potty Training

- Proper Socialization/Social Ettiquette/Bite Inhibition

- Basic Obedience Skills
- Recall (Come When Called)
- Loose Leash Walking

- Manners (Sit for Petting)

- Impulse & Stimulus Control Skills

What's Required?

Vaccination & Fecal Requirements

In order to attend The Academy Program, all dogs and puppies must:

- Have lived in their new home 1 week prior to starting

- Have a negative fecal within 2 weeks of starting

- Have a current Bordatella Vaccination (Kennel Cough)

- Be current on at least their 2nd Distemper Vaccination

- If over 16 weeks of age, must be current on Rabies Vaccination

Academy Tuition

Here you will find our Academy Tuition!
For information regarding payment plans*, please e-mail us after submitting your application!


3 Day Program

This option is available for puppies, teenagers and adult dogs with no behavioral concerns.

Tuition $1250 + tax


4 Day Program

This option is available for dogs that struggle with anxiety or fear. Non-behavioral dogs that would like to enroll for extra consistency are also encouraged!

Tuition $1625 + tax


5 Day Program

This option is for dogs that struggle socially (no bite history cases permitted), struggle with fear and/or anxiety. Non-behavioral cases are welcome to enroll for consistency.

Tuition $2250 + tax

*Payment Plans are subject to 10% fee, first payment will be due at the time time of scheduling, second payment will be due on the Sunday before Week 2 and the final payment due the Sunday before Week 4.

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