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Board & Train Program can be an extremely beneficial training program for a variety of reasons! During this time, your canine companion will stay with us for the duration of their training program for consistency! Upon going home, you will receive consistent support and follow-up lessons to ensure a smooth transition!

What's Covered?

Ages 9 weeks +

In a Board & Train Program, we cover a variety of skill sets including:
- Crate & Potty Training

- Proper Socialization/Social Ettiquette/Bite Inhibition

- Basic Obedience Skills
- Recall (Come When Called)
- Loose Leash Walking

- Manners (Sit for Petting)

- Impulse & Stimulus Control Skills

- Anxiety & Fear

- Reactivity & Aggression

What's Required?

Vaccination & Fecal Requirements

In order to attend a Board & Train Program, all dogs and puppies must:

- Have lived in their new home 1 week prior to starting

- Have a negative fecal within 2 weeks of starting

- Have a current Bordatella Vaccination (Kennel Cough)

- Be current on at least their 2nd Distemper Vaccination

- If over 16 weeks of age, must be current on Rabies Vaccination

Board & Train Tuition

Here you will find our Board & Train Tuition!
All Board & Train Enrollments include a complimentary in-home consultation.
For information regarding payment plans*, please e-mail us after submitting your application!


Puppy Jumpstart

9 weeks - 6 months old

This is a 3 week training program covering all key aspects of puppy development!

Tuition $3350+ tax


Adolescent Help!

6 months - 2 years old

This is a 3-4 week training program that will cover all obedience, manners and basic behavioral concerns. NO aggression cases are permitted in this program. 

Tuition Starting at $3500 + tax


Behavioral Program

6 months old +

This is a 5 week program that covers fear based aggression, resource guarding, reactivity and more.

Tuition $5200 + tax

*Payment Plans are subject to 5% fee.

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