Dean F. 

Fantastic and friendly staff. Very knowledgeable. And a great facility overall. They completely transformed my energetic and pushy puppy into a respectful and obedient member of the family while teaching me how to consistently build upon her good behaviors. I would recommend them without question.

Laura B. 

We adopted our Maggie when she was 9 months old. This girl gave us quite a time with her high energy, impulsiveness, leash reactivity and a pure joy of life that needed direction. In desperate need of help, we went to Courtney and Al. 6 years later we are so happy they helped us stay a family. Maggie will always have springs on her paws and be ready to go into overdrive at the drop of a hat but we love her and she sure loves us. Courtney taught us how to 'be the one in charge' and helped Maggie through a lot of fears. She was a rescue who hadn't been taught good manners and the loving protection of good dog parents. You can't go wrong when you choose A.C. E.K9 Academy!!¹

Heather P. 

A.C.E. K9 academy has amazing staff. They took on my German shepherd with fear aggression when a different place turned us away. Thanks to them he is more confident and able to go to public places on his best behavior. Can’t say enough about them. They love what they do and it shows! They changed what life was like with my dog. I can’t thank them enough! Highly recommend!

Jean B.

A.C.E K9 Academy is the best. Courtney & Alphonse are amazing along with the team. We adopted a German Shepard from Texas. We are going to A.C.E Academy and they have taught him so much. Whenever we have concerns. They are right on it. Our dog loves going there. I highly recommend them. They are all top notch! ❤️

Shannon W.

Our 6 month old German Shepherd continues to pick up her share of bad habits as she starts to phase out of her puppy stage and into her stubborn, sassy and VERY vocal stage..I probably would be in a psych ward right now if it wasn’t for her AMAZING trainer Courtney Gluchacki who we’ve gone to since Annie was a baby 🐶 She is absolutely brilliant, reliable and SO supportive. I honestly can’t say enough about this girl and her OUTSTANDING business!!!!


Tabitha T. 

We first came to A.C.E. K9 Academy to improve on the skills that Nova (our 7 month old Husky) already had. She had completed two puppy classes prior to us joining at a different facility where there wasn’t much structure or one on one time with the pups. Then suddenly, COVID left us training our first ever puppy on our own.. with little guidance. Walking (or the pulling) and getting her to listen were difficult, her fear stage was at its peak, not to mention the separation anxiety that would soon show its face when I went back to work. We met Katarina, Courtney, and her team and knew this would be the best place for Nova. With A.C.E., walking our one year old is one of my favorite times of the day (she goes on at least 3 or 4 so for that I’m most grateful!), we are told on a regular basis how well behaved she is, we can enjoy her in public, she is a pleasure in the car on rides and doesn’t bolt when you open the door... We have officially completed the Academy, now we are lifers and can’t wait for our girl to start daycare with her friends tomorrow! Five stars all around for the place that loves our pup as much as we do!

Cassandra B. 

A.C.E K9 Academy is the most productive, personable, and kind-hearted training place I've ever been too. They have trained my puppies since they were 2 months old. It's all positive reinforcement with treats, nothing, or toys. Any type of dog can be trained here. It could be a deaf dog, blind dog, service dog in training, or just your average dog who needs to learn the basics. They work on everything from barking, counter surfing, basics, public actions, tricks, leash manners, and greetings with humans and dogs. These workers offer so many great programs. From private lessons to K9 Academy Graduate School. Help this growing business build to a bigger organization!

Marissa M. 

We started at A.C.E K9 academy with the obedience classes for our newly adopted, energetic pup. From there we moved to the academy program and have honestly never looked back. Our dog has learned so much and it shows. Courtney and her team do a great job with all of the dogs and the people too :) Luna comes home on “school days” exhausted from all of her playing and learning and loves it there and so do we!

Andrew C.

Our 2 dogs have been coming here since they were both puppies, it’s their favorite place in the world! Super friendly staff. Very good at training both dogs and humans. Lots of enriching programs and they’re always willing to do what’s best for you and your animal.