• Courtney Gluchacki CDTK CTDI CCFC

Do More With Your Dog!® at A.C.E. K9 Academy!

I have been with Do More With Your Dog!® since June 2018 and they have been by far one of my most favorite organizations to work with in the dog industry to date! The energy, professionalism and enthusiasm is unreal, and, contagious!

About me and my dogs:

Since starting with Do More With Your Dog!®, I have become a 2x All-Star Trainer of the Year as a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, a Certified Canine Conditioning and Fitness Coach and most recently, a licensed Stunt Dog Judge!

In the photo above, you will find me with my three dogs Kal, Ivy and Ace whom are all titled with Do More With Your Dog!®

Kal is our 2 year old deaf Australian Shepherd that is currently working on his Trick Dog Champion Title, Canine Conditioning and Fitness Level 2 Title as well as his Novice Stunt Dog Title.

Ivy is our 7 month old German Shepherd Dog that is currently working on her Expert Trick Dog Title, Canine Conditioning and Fitness Level 2 Title as well as her Open Stunt Dog Title.

Ace is our 4 year old German Shepherd Dog and he is our first Trick Dog Champion and a Trick Dog Register of Merit! He is currently working on his Canine Conditioning and Fitness Level 2 and his Proven Stunt Dog Title.

About our Spark Team!

We run a FREE online Spark Team on Facebook where we have dog enthusiasts all over the world working together with their dogs! In this group, you can submit videos for trick and fitness titles as well as learn exercises to compete as a Stunt Dog! Most of these titles also transfer to AKC and CKC!

Join our group now and introduce yourself and your dog!


Tricks are a great way to bond with your canine companion and are a blast to learn! It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned professional or starting off with your first puppy - you WILL have a blast working on tricks together!

Check out the trick checklists below:

Novice Trick List

Intermediate/Advanced/Expert Trick List

Champion Trick List

Can your dog do any of the tricks in the links above? You only need 15 points to earn your Novice Title (Advanced & Expert Tricks count as 2 points towards your Novice Title)!

Don't have Facebook? That's ok! I can also witness tricks in-person or through a video sent to

Canine Conditioning & Fitness

I am a huge advocate for keeping our canine companions fit and healthy! I run the first organized FITClub for dogs in New England! Keeping our dogs fit allows us to enjoy them at their full potential - sport dog OR pet! Getting started is easy! Check out this free class on getting started towards your CCF titles!

We also run an in-person FITClub! You can find out more by following our Facebook Page!

Stunt Dog

Ready for a challenge? Do you like performing? Stunt Dog might be right for you!

Stunt Dog combines Tricks, Fitness and Performance all wrapped up into a fun routine! There are multiple levels of Stunt Dog and it is quite fun and addicting! To learn more about Stunt Dog, click here.

Interested in setting up a trial? Purchase your online ticket here and be sure to choose me as your Judge!



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