Nose Work Classes

We are excited to offer our clients the fun and exciting sport of Canine Nose Work! This program is instructed by Certified Nose Work Instructor, Judy Fischbach. ​

These classes are ideal for any dog over 6 months of age! Reactive dogs are able to also participate, please let us know ahead of time so we can make reasonable accommodations for you and your pet!

Nose Work Levels offered:

  1. Intro to Nose Work

  2. Intro to Nose Work II

  3. Intro to Odor

  4. Intro to Odor II

  5. NW1 Trial Prep

  6. NW2-3 Trail Prep

Achieve Consistent Excellence

Class Rates

6-week Course: ​ $160.00

This class meets once a week for an hour on Tuesday evenings. 


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